#1 Juicing Recipe for a Pain Relief

The #1 Juicing Recipe for Pain Relief

Is there really a #1 juicing recipe for pain relief?

The answer is Yes!

Our MasterMind Strategist, Joene Denning Bone, has achieved it by using her own #1 Juicing Recipe for Pain Relief! (Click here to read more about Joene.)

When we asked her to share her pain relief recipe, she would only do so under one condition:

  1. Offer it at no cost –  make it an absolutely free and easy to access.

Well, Joene is a pragmatist.

She has helped hundreds and hundreds of folks with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. When you chat with her,  you hear her keen understanding of folks with chronic illness.

“People coping with chronic pain do not have the energy or the time for BS.  Chronic pain hurts, and that hurt consumes every ounce of their being,  often to the point of exhaustion. So, don’t fatigue pain sufferers further by serving up nonsense.

If you want to help, then craft a help that is specific to their pain and to their need for relief.  Empower them with tools, so they can take charge of their journey to better health. Support them as they grow into knowledgeable partners, who can contribute actionable information to their meetings with their professional healthcare teams. Then, you’ll be offering this community something of value.”

So, we agreed, and she delivered her #1 Juicing Recipe for Pain Relief.

Here’s the Joene’s Cheat Sheet:

1) Buy Dr. Norman W. Walker’s Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Book and Dr. Heinerman’s The Encyclopedia of Healing Juices.  These books are still in print for a reason – they are remarkably relevant today, and really the best juicing books on the market! The Walker and Heinerman books offer exceptional healing information.  You can often find them as used book copies, and at a discount.  Don’t pass them up!

2) Buy an electric juicer with at least 850 watts of power.  These are the best juicing tools.  The lower wattage versions will burn out quickly, take more time to juice, and usually deliver a less efficient product.  Joene favors the Breville and the Omega. Sometimes, Amazon offers refurbished Brevilles and Omegas – they are just as good as a new one and the price is discounted.  If the links here to the refurbished juicers don’t work, it is because the discounted units have sold out.

3) Get some disposable juice pulp bags.

4) Search the Walker and Heinerman books for your specific ailment and write down the fruits and vegetables that can relieve the symptoms.  Create a balanced recipe of those ingredients:  less fruit, more veggies; more veggies, less spicy items like galangal; balance the leafy greens with the other items like lemon, celery, cucumber, etc.  Alternate the recipe that you create with the #1 Juicing Recipe.  Over time, you will figure out which one to use for the specific pain cycle that you are experiencing currently.  I find that sometimes more spinach works, and other times more celery.  Be creative and flexible.  Listen to your body.

5) Organic fruits and vegetables offer the best and the fastest results.  To the extent possible, purchase them only. If you are not getting results* with this juice, it can be due to the fact that non-organic, non-gmo produce is being used.  Produce that is days or weeks old will also give little results.

6) Juice only a 2 – 4 oz. amount at first – scale the amount to your weight.  Use scant amounts of parsley, cilantro, galangal, and turmeric, at first – and I mean scant!  (Make sure that you read Dr. Walker’s take on this!) These are powerful detoxing agents, and you don’t want to ask the body to detox more than it can do at any given time.  Your body will tell you automatically when to increase juice amount – usually within a 2-3 week period. How do you know it is time to increase?*  You will feel less pain, have more energy, and have no digestive disturbances.  Just remember to increase in small increments.

7) When you begin your new juice regime, some of you will want to drink larger quantities of the Pain Relief Juice, and to drink it often in the day.  Resist the urge.  Give your body time to adjust to the super-nutrients in the juice.  The desire to drink more is the body’s way of expressing it’s demand to replenish depleted nutrition necessary for repair and maintenance. Yet, it can’t answer that demand quickly.  So, satisfy the craving with a good healthy water like Penta Ultra Pure Water or Essentia Electrolyte Water.  These waters are super for aiding the body’s detox, repair, and revitalizing process.  Remember, if you stick with the measured increase in the juice quantity, your  body soon will register the improved status of your vital nutrients, and the cravings will vanish.

*How do you know your are drinking too much detoxing juice?  You will experience digestive issues, feel achy, and have less energy.  It is usually at this point that folks give up on juicing.  They think that the juice is not for them, and that it makes them sick.  Actually, the opposite is true – the juice is working perfectly.  It is just that the individual is drinking too much of it, and the body is kicking into high detox gear.  This high gear often manifests as flu-like symptoms.

8)  For you diabetics and blood sugar sensitive folks out there, remember these rules:

  • Avocado, green beans, bitter melon, galangal, cinnamon, fenugreek, asparagus, brussel sprouts, and basil (Italian, Thai, and holy basil, etc.) are all items that lower blood glucose levels.  When you drink these raw juices, the stomach absorbs the nutrients much faster than when they are cooked and eaten. The result is a stronger impact to the body.  So, be mindful of using them, and chat with your professional healthcare team about using these vegetables and spices in conjunction with your regular protocol administered by your Doctors.
  • Fruit juices are high in fructose and sugars and can have detrimental effects on blood glucose levels. Tomatoes and starchy vegetables can deliver too much sugar, too.   Discuss with your Doctors the proportions and servings per day that you are allowed to juice.

9)  Joene’s #1 Juicing Recipe for Pain Relief

  • organic fruits and vegetable shopping list:  apple, cucumber, ginger, lemon, celery stalks.  Choose one of these, too:  spinach, chard, kale, Savoy cabbage
  • Process in the Breville Juicer the following washed/cleaned fruits and vegetables (peel, seeds, and all) amounts:
    • 1/2 med. apple
    • 1/3 large cucumber
    • 1/4 – 1/2 inch of peeled ginger root (can be substituted with 1/8 inch or less of galangal – its super hot, so be warned!)
    • 1/2 med. lemon
    • 1/3 of whole head of celery
    • 1 c. of spinach, chard, kale (can be substituted with 3/4 Savoy cabbage, if you tolerate cabbage.)
    • The above recipe yields about 6-8 oz. of juice.  So, please adjust ingredient amounts to get 2-4 oz. of juice.
  • For maximum benefit, drink this juice immediately, and 20 mins before or after drinking/eating anything else.
*Drink the juice immediately after it is made, or else the healing properties begin to dissipate rendering the juice less effective.  Read Dr. Walker on this fact! This is another experience that make people give up on juicing because they think that it doesn’t work.  In fact, it can’t work because the juice has lost most of its healing properties.

Hope this helps you!

Remember to avoid any of your known allergies when preparing this juice!

Check out Dr. Norman W. Walker’s Fresh Fruits and Vegetables book here.

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