Naturo Sciences (4oz.) ReliefX May Help Relieve Aches in Muscles, Joints and Spine – May Aid and Ease Discomfort During and After Physical Therapy or Activity

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  • ReliefX contains high concentrations of Arnica, a powerful anti-inflammatory that may help relieve pains and aches fast.
  • Penetrates Deep in to Your Muscles and Joints. The fast acting cream penetrates deeply to target the source of your discomfort. Sinks into your skin. Disappears instantly. Doesn't stink or smell.
  • May Help Improve Your Range of Motion, Flexibility, and Mobility. When you're in pain, your movement is constrained. ReliefX quickly relieves joint and muscle discomfort so you can move easily.
  • Promotes Ache Relief for temporary discomfort relief without any unwanted side effects.
  • Smells Great! Works great! Relieves Great! Great in Conjunction with Pain Therapy!
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Rub Away Your Pain and Experience Lightning Fast Relief from Back, Knee, and Shoulder Discomfort! If you suffer from daily joint discomfort, such as pain in your neck, back, and shoulders then you’ll be excited to hear about a recent breakthrough.
Introducing ReliefX a breakthrough in natural pain relief. ReliefX is an all-natural joint relief cream that contains high concentrations of Arnica a powerful anti-inflammatory that’s proven to relieve pain fast. From professional athletes to arthritis sufferers, Arnica is proven to relieve joint discomfort exactly where it hurts. Along with Arnica, ReliefX patent pending formula …
•Naturally Relieves Joint Discomfort. Rub away daily aches and pain in your neck all the way down to your toes. The #1 Best OTC pain medicine relief cream chosen by Arthritis, Tendonitis, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, and Sciatica sufferers.

•Improve Your Mobility and Flexibility. When you’re in pain, you can’t move as well because you try and avoid the pain. ReliefX gets to the root of your pain fast and penetrates the skin deeply for quick relief.

•Isn’t Habit Forming. You can use Relief X every day without any side effects.

•Doesn’t Smell, Disappears Quickly. Two of the biggest complaints of today’s pain relief creams are that they 1) smell terrible 2) don’t dissolve quickly. ReliefX cream was formulated with these concerns in mind. ReliefX has a subtle, minty smell and disappears almost instantly. End Joint Pain and Experience Soothing Comfort from Your Neck Down to Your Toes! Try ReliefX Today!