Intimate Portal Women Secret Agent Leak Proof Protective Brief Period Incontinence 3-Pk Black Beige Gray M

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  • EXTRA PROTECTION: designed for days with menstrual cycle heavy flow or incontinence condition, providing extra protection against leakage overflowed from pads
  • INNER POCKET: Multi-purpose pocket to make changing sanitary napkins in public easy, pocket can also hold heating pad for menstrual cramps relief
  • COTTON SURFACE LINING: Cotton-blend leak proof lining that is soft on skin yet strong enough to guard leakage
  • RECOMMENDED USE: use together with sanitary napkins, panty liners, menstrual cups, maternity or incontinence pads
  • FULL REAR PROTECTION: Leak proof lining from crotch up to waistline on the back (this style does not have frontal protection)
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For young girls who are new to menstrual cycle, changing pads or tampons in public or at school is sometimes equally stressful. This protective brief has an inner pocket for holding extra menstrual supplies. The pocket can also hold heat pack for relieving menstrual cramps. Something you should know: This brief serves as an extra protection preventing leakage overflowed from pads or tampons. MUST use together with pads or tampons. Also works well with reusable menstrual pads and menstrual cups.Care instructions: Before Initial Use: Machine wash cold with detergent Stain Removal: Very easy wash-off, throw into washing machine and put some detergents. Viola! It’s clean as new.  No Heat Please: The waterproof lining is made of cotton lined with synthetic fibers, which could possibly be damaged when exposing to extremely high temperature for prolonged period. Just go easy and wash the brief as you normally do.