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  • ENJOY MORE BRAIN POWER - Ginkgo Biloba - increases blood flow - top selling herbal supplement for memory + cognition - traditional Chinese medicinal added to energy drinks + green tea + smart pills
  • MORE MENTAL CLARITY - Our capsules contain stacked nootropic ingredients - Vinpocetine is neuroprotective + improves cerebral blood flow + pressure to sharpen + enhance clarity + clear away brain fog
  • BACOPA MONNIERA FOR FOCUS - Get more work done with Biofusionnatural brain food - increases concentration + attention - a trusted + well known organic substance with 20 mg chemical compound Bacosides
  • IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY FASTER - Biofusion stacks powerful brain boosting nootropics together for instant mental boost - extracts from nature enhance mind and are better than books + techniques + games
  • MOOD LIFTER - St John's Wort is a potent + traditional way to lift spirit + aid attitude - good stacking combination includes L Glutamine + Phosphatidylserine + Huperzine A + Acetyl L Carnitine
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Biofusion presents a potently stacked nootropic boost for your brain. With Green Tea Extract and a host of nature’s biggest mind enhancers, our formulation will have your mind focused and clear in a flash. Your memory will strengthen and your creativity will light up with our combination of herbs, extracts and natural substances. See improvements in: Memory Speed Creativity Flexibility Attention Alertness Concentration Clarity Focus What makes Biofusion’s formula so potent? The best nootropic stacking nature can arrange: Green Tea Extract Huperzine A, Bacopa Monniera, L-Glutamine, Grape Seed Extract, Olive Leaf, DMAE Bitartrate. All of these extracts and herbs have been used for many years to improve cerebral blood flow, lift mood, and intensify the ability to focus and solve problems. Biofusion promises a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction with this incredible mind and memory blend. Add it to your daily routine to feed your brain, and let us know how much better and faster you can tackle all of life’s challenges.

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