Hygge Journal: Hygge Things I Did Today…

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Why are the people of Denmark the happiest in the world? The Danish cultural phenomenon of Hygge is taking the world by storm. The Danish people have been rated the happiest in the world in various studies. The reason for this if that the people of Denmark embrace the simple things in life. This concept is known as “Hygge”. This Hygge journal is a simple gratitude style workbook to help you record all those precious cosy hygge moments that occur each and every day. Each page gives you a special space to record the five most memorable “Hygge” moments that occurred on that specific day. Underneath is a personal space for you to write what your heart desires. When this diary is full, look over it and you will be amazed at all the cosy hygge things you have in your life to be thankful for. An inspiring journal that will being the joy of Hygge into your life. A great gift!