HealthyLine Round Cervical Pillow | Natural Jade Far Infrared Neck Pillow 16″X 5″ |​​​​​ ​Heated Negative Ions (Firm) | Relieves Neck, Shoulder Pain | FDA Registered

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  • DISCOVER THE UNIQUE HEALTH BENEFITS OF HEAT THERAPY ON YOUR BODY! - If you are looking for a healthy and effective solution for your chronic pain, arthritis or depression, then the HealthyLine professional natural stone heating infrared is your prime choice. Designed with your comfort and pain relief in mind, but also extremely beneficial for both your body and spirit.
  • NATURAL JADE STONE HEALING PROPERTIES - Jade is considered to be a "cleansing stone" that helps the process of elimination and straining toxins. It's also used to help alleviate pain when recovering from an injury and diminish cramps.
  • INFRARED IONIC SUPPORT- Natural rays emitted from pillow roll help promote natural healing of joint and muscle pain and cardiovascular system.
  • PAIN RELIEF BENEFITS - HealthyLine pillow roll relieves neck, shoulder and sciatic pain whether mild or chronic. Improved sleep, blood circulation, and mood as well an increase in energy levels.
  • US BRAND FDA REGISTERED - HealthyLine products are safe, effective and US FDA registered to provide reliable support. Also backed by a 1-year warranty.
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Product is FDA registered in USA

•Net weight is about 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg)
•Size 16″x 5″x 3.5″ (42cm x 13cm x 9cm) 65 pcs of 1″ (25mm) diameter stones
•Led display controller
•Very high quality materials
Natural jade & tourmaline stones under mesh LED display controller Very high quality materials Jade Stone emits Far-infrared when you pass other heat mediums through it. Our products are extremely effective & made with high-quality material. Natural Jade is extremely abundant & rich in its trace elements. Natural Jade stones are used for maximum heat transfer & penetration to your body. Because of its composition of special unique Jade stones, Jade is the most efficient natural heat absorber of all the semi-precious stones. Ideal for beautification & health care, helps to fight sickness &; disease Found to be helpful for kidney, heart, & stomach ailments Prevent intrusion of harmful substances to the body & improves immunity Shields from static and electromagnetic waves by special copper layer Produces negative ions which encourage the cells metabolism throughout your body. Jade stones are used for maximum heat penetration & transfer. One of the powerful healing stone & it also purifies the body & spirit. Tourmaline stone is very rare limited due to its uniqueness: The tourmaline mineral group is chemically one of the most complicated groups of silicate minerals. After being crushed, the stones are then compressed into tiles, increasing the productivity of negative ions by up to 15%. It has a special negative-ion enrichment process, taking a long time on each stone, but providing unique results with level over 1500. Negative ions are also helpful in enhancing your autonomic nervous system & its functionality, reinforcing collagen, improving metabolism, & making your immune system stronger.