EMF Protection Blushield Tesla Gold Plug-In Whole House Protection. Similar to Q-Link or Earthcalm

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  • Blushield Tesla Gold Plug-In Whole House Protection provides the latest, state of the art EMF protection, generating a multi-wave torsion field output. Greatly assists the body in staying balanced and normalized when exposed to the negative effects of harmful electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi, smart meters, cell towers, computers, powerlines, and electronics of all kinds.
  • Plug the Blushield into the wall in your home or office. Highly effective EMF protection designed for large spaces, business and commercial areas. Provides an 90 meter (approx 270 foot) diameter coverage, covering a total 360 degrees of protection. Blushield Plug-In is an 'active' device. This is unlike passive (not powered) pendants or stickers which claim to protect you.
  • Designed for use with Smart Meters and Wi-Fi (although we do not suggest using wireless technology). High level pulse sent through wiring for EMF protection. Ideal for avid gamers. Great for homes and offices where EMF exposure is high. High strength field effect reduces fatigue and EMF symptoms, promotes emotional stability, reduces stress, helps maintain levels of alertness and productivity. Promotes restful sleep.
  • ABS CASE: High impact ABS (plastic) case. Color: Black 4 plug types 100 - 240V for use worldwide / Blushield Plug-In model comes in a USA plug type, however, it is compatible with voltages worldwide! One may require a simple adapter for the plug type of their country. Low power consumption Microprocessor controlled Meets EMC EN 50082-1:1992 and EN 50081-1 Meets electrical safety NZ/AS 3100
  • * Buy with confidence - 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee! (Unit must be returned in original condition with original packaging in tact. Original shipping and return shipping costs will not be refunded.) Most people experience positive improvements and some even report symptoms they used to have lessen or completely disappear. Blushield provides state-of-the-art technology, gentle, harmonious with the body and highly effective. People definitely experience the benefits. However, please be aware the technology is subtle and gentle, benefits are cumulative and felt more over time, rather than immediately (although many people do claim to feel the difference soon after use).
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The technology behind the Blushield Plug-In is state-of-art, the most advanced EMF protection available! This technology has taken the better part of 25 years to develop and over 2 million dollars. Blushield technology makes typical Schumann devices (7.83Hz earth resonance devices) look old fashioned. Power supplied to an advanced, proprietary microprocessor generates a multi-wave torsion field output, comprised of a wide-spectrum of biocompatible frequencies. The body absorbs and utilizes these natural frequencies, this intelligent ‘field’ of coherent information, to maintain balance and normalization of cellular functions while exposed to various sources of EMF. This can be verified with live blood cell analysis. Using the Blushield one will experience a reduction or elimination of symptoms related to EMF exposure. The Blushield Plug-In model comes in a US plug type, however, will work with voltages worldwide, and is made of durable, black shock-proof ABS. This model uses very little power (less than a 5W light bulb) and plugs into the mains power socket (AC outlet). It should be plugged into a dedicated socket in the center of your home or office. One Blushield Plug-In unit will cover an 80 meter sphere of space or 260 feet diameter. The Blushield Plug-in model offers optimal coverage for a single floor dwelling or office. If you have a multi-story space, it is best to install a Plug-In device on each floor for optimum protection.

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