Elavonne Amino Collagen C with Hyaluronic Acid Fish Collagen Peptide Powder, 16 oz

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  • REJUVENATES with a CLINICALLY TESTED solution for AGELESS SKIN IN 12 WEEKS - Type 1 fish collagen peptide (collagen powder) works FAST in your body to support your skin, as well as, hair, nails, bone, and other tissues.
  • ADVANCED FORMULA to REDUCE FINE LINES & WRINKLES - Works from the inside out to create a more youthful appearance, STRENGTHENS skin and hair, replacing the collagen your body can no longer produce on its own. More effective than other types of collagen supplements, since fish collagen is proven to work best for skin, hair, and nails. Even feel better in your joints, your whole body will feel and look younger and more hydrated!
  • A TRUSTED PRODUCT & BACKED BY SCIENCE - Tired of sagging skin? Wrinkles? Dry skin? Clinically proven to reduce collagen fragmentation in your skin by 31% and increase skin firmness by 9%. This collagen powder mixes easily in water and liquids. Used by smart women all over the world to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, sagging skin, lifeless hair.
  • FEEL CONFIDENT - No fillers, no flavors, no sugars, no preservatives, no hormones, no arginine, no maltodextrin. MADE IN USA at a GMP certified facility
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YOUR SKIN IS STARTING TO SHOW YOUR AGE, AND YOUR BODY’S COLLAGEN LEVELS ARE IN DECLINE MORE EVERY DAY! Your skin gets more dry, less flexible, and older every day as your body produces less and less collagen naturally. But, for years, beautiful women overseas have realized the benefits of amino collagen supplements from fish peptide collagen AND THEIR SKIN STAYS YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL LONG INTO THEIR SENIOR YEARS! They experience firmer skin, better hydration, and strong hair and nails as they age. WHAT IS THEIR SECRET?

Did you know…

• COLLAGEN PROTEIN plays a major role in supporting skin , nail and hair health.

• Certain  types of protein are better than others when it comes to beauty.

• Collagen protein  cannot be absorbed through the skin You MUST put collagen in your diet to get results! And the BEST TYPE OF COLLAGEN is peptides from fish.

THE COLLAGEN CONNECTION – Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, responsible for the strength and quality of hair, nails, skin, and more. But, as we age, the amount of collagen our bodies produce becomes less and less.

A SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE FORMULA – Pure fish peptide collagen protein, balanced with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C for the ultimate anti-aging, youth-promoting supplement you can buy. One economical scoop per day will have you looking and feeling better! No fillers, no flavors or sweeteners.

Compare our price and ingredients to Meiji or Neocell. Elavonne offers an amazing value and exquisite results for beautiful skin, and the BEST PART IS… IT’S NATURAL! Beautiful skin is within your reach. Amino Collagen C has the power of what works to smooth your skin and strengthen your hair and nails like they were years ago-and we have test results to prove it! INVEST IN YOUR BEAUTY AND BUY TODAY!