B4B Sulfur Organic Crystals, All Natural MSM Powder Supplement, 1 pound (16 oz.) Bag

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  • WHAT IT HELPS: Best relief for arthritis pain, chronic joint, ligament and bone problems. Eases body pains caused by age, athletic over-use, injury, surgery and more. Speeds recovery. Boosts energy. Builds collagen for younger looking skin. Supports hair and nail growth. Reduces brain fog. Detoxes your body. Used for all skin conditions. Promotes good health. If you're taking glucosamine and chondroitin, pure sulfur is for you. Pets need it too.
  • DID YOU KNOW? The sulfur industry is dominated by one mega-giant, a low quality mass marketer that sells cheap to everyone. Not us. That stuff contains silicon dioxide. So do all msm pills and capsules. Yuck.
  • WHO WE ARE: Our 99.9% pure sulfur sells for $45 in medical offices. We buy only the best in bulk and pass on the savings. We care. A lot. As someone who battled major health issues, I take the purity of supplements very seriously. Our company does ongoing research for ourselves and you. We are mission driven. Note we come in blue or silver packaging. May we suggest you learn about taking sulfur and iodine together?
  • PROVEN: Third party tested. No GMO. No allergens. Guaranteed.
  • GUARANTEED: If you are not completely happy, we refund you. Simple.
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Sulfur deficiency is a serious issue. So is iodine deficiency. These elements used to be in our food and soil. Commercial farming changed that. Your body depends on these elements to heal and maintain health. Without them, things stop working well. Add them back, and your body thanks you. Learn why we consider taking these elements together the most critical health routine! HOW TO TAKE IT: Simply add a heaping teaspoon into 2-3 ounces of any filtered water. Distilled water is considered best. Definitely not tap water. Ideally, add in our iodine drops. Squeeze in lemon juice. Drink it fast like a shot. Use other natural flavors besides lemon such as lime or honey if preferred. It cuts the bitter taste. Be brave. Healthy isn’t always tasty. Crystals are the purest way to take sulfur. SUPPORT: We are here to answer all your questions right away. B4B Team emails with hundreds of customers daily. SHARE: Give your body what it really needs and notice the difference. Share your testimony in a product review. Help us reach people who are suffering. They are desperately seeking answers. I know. I was one of them and that’s why I co-founded Basics4Balance.