5 Elements – Audio Visualizations & Guided Exercises

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Narrated by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.

Five Element Visualizations (CD #1) Five Element Guided Imagery of colors, tastes, seasons, body parts, behaviors and emotions.

Introduction: The Essence of the 5 Elements

1. Wood Element Visualization & Associations
2. Fire Element Visualization & Associations
3. Earth Element Visualization & Associations
4. Metal Element Visualization & Associations
5. Water Element Visualization & Associations

Acu-Yoga Guided Healing (CD #2) Combining Yoga Exercises with Self-Acupressure An Integration of Yoga Postures, Movements, Deep Breathing, Acupressure Point Stimulation and Deep Relaxation

Introduction: Acu-Yoga Therapy & the 5 Elements
1. Wood Element: Acu-Yoga Balancing Exercises
2. Fire Element: Acu-Yoga Balancing Exercises
3. Earth Element: Acu-Yoga Balancing Exercises
4. Metal Element: Acu-Yoga Balancing Exercises
5. Water Element: Acu-Yoga Balancing Exercises

Learn the Nature 5 Elements: By playing these instructional CD programs over and over again, you’ll learn the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine for understanding advanced healing relationships within the body.