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Pain Defeater’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Finding a gift for that person with chronic pain or illness can defy your best gift-sleuthing talents.

Maybe that person is  your Aunt with chronic fatigue, your Friend with fibromyalgia, your Parent with chronic pain, your Co-worker with a newly diagnosed ailment, or your Best Buddy laid up in the hospital.  Whoever they are, they have one thing in common – they are sick or they are in chronic pain. No doubt, they could use a gift that shows you understand what they are going through.

We both know that another box of candy or a gift basket filled with high carb, sugary snacks aren’t what sick folks need. Nope. They need gifts that lend comfort, ease, convenience, encouragement, and that confirm the message that you care.

Don’t worry. We found some solutions for you!

At PainDefeater.Com, we’re in the business of providing helpful information to people with chronic fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue. This the community that we love to serve – the chronically ill. We curate ideas and suggestions for non-narcotic pain relief. We find make-life-easy tools and other super things for those whose days are anything but easy. So, keep reading. We’ll share gift giving ideas that have worked for us in the past. These may be the exact gift-buying solution that you need!


Holiday and Christmas Gift Ideas for the Sick and the Chronically Ill

1. Make a Creative Activity Uplifting Theme Basket

These gifts address the specific needs of those folks, who are limited by chronic ailments. Creative activities can distract a person from the torment of constant body pain. Healing lotions, soaps and teas can help relieve pain, and provide a pampering to the body, the mind, and soul. Hug-able Teddy Bears can be your ever-present messenger of kindness and love.

2. Add Comfort-fitting Slippers

The ancient healing philosophies tell us that the feet are a microcosm of the body’s inner working. Keeping them warm help to minimize illnesses like colds and flu. The Chronically Ill have special needs when it comes to shoes and slippers:

1. They need to be non-slip.
2. They should be made from organic or natural materials as much as possible.

Why? Footwear made from organic materials are not pesticide-ridden or loaded with toxic chemicals. So, these body-irritating ingredients do not leach into the foot. Remember, as the foot perspires it’s pores open. Consequently, they absorb whatever properties are in the slipper or shoe. If those properties are toxic, the body will be affected by them. You can help an ailing person’s healing progress by offering gifts made from organic ingredients. Here are some suggestions.

3. Wrap Them in the Gift of Warmth

It’s no secret that the body temperature of chronically ill folks fluctuates – sometimes widely! So, a good throw blanket that is easy to access, pick up, and use is a perfect gift. We’ll share a couple of our favorites – a couple made of organic materials!

4. Healing Sipping Teas

There are excellent sipping teas that are made with natural and healing ingredients. Choose one of these and give the gift of relaxation and healing! Click here for a super chart on tea and healing herbs.

5. Super Robes for Beauty and Good Health

Bath Robes work on the same principle as slippers and footwear. We want to protect the body from absorbing pollution from artificial or toxic materials. So, we’ve chosen a couple of great natural material robes for you to consider as gifts. You’ll be giving your relative or friend something to support their beauty, and something that contributes to their healing! You can’t go wrong!

6. Give a Comfortable Sleep-time

Night is a hard time for folks with chronic illness. The night’s darkness is a cue to the body to activate its detoxing cycle. So, the immune system kicks into high gear, and begins to discharge the day’s uptake of environmental energies, spent fuel, and toxicity. During this purge, the body often expresses this process as aches and pain. Pain Defeater thinks that evening is a perfect time to dress the body in soothing and comforting sleepwear. This tactic allows the body to feel comforted on the outside, while it struggles to feel comfortable on the inside. Here are some of our suggestions.

7. Help Relieve the Pain and Soreness

Pain is no fun. Constant pain is seriously no fun. For those of us with Loved One in chronic pain, it is hard to stand by with so few tools to help. No fun at all! We’ve been there, too. Our experience sent us on a hunt for healing therapy items that can be used PRN, and that did not require prescriptions. The best part is that these healing items won’t interfere with anyone’s medicine or other therapy protocols. Here’s some of our favorites.

8. Give an Energy Boost with Easy Healthy Snacks

When you don’t feel well, it’s hard to cook for yourself. Yet, the necessity for proper nourishment is vital, if the body is to heal. Pain Defeater finds it helpful to gift convenient and healthy snacks for quick energy boosts. These easy and nutritious foods serve two purposes: they demand little to no energy to prepare and eat, and they deliver good vitamins, minerals, and fiber to the body. Take a look!

9. Creative Relaxation

Creativity is the counter-balance to stress and worry. These coloring books contain pages begging for color and individual expression. There are no time limits, no demanding deadlines – just easy going fun. The designs can be colored by one or by many all at the same time. If your Loved One is living far from you, add some self-addressed envelopes to the gift. The person can send their masterpiece to you. You can also add a note that promises to frame one of the pictures that your special person has completed. Now there’s an idea for a gift that keeps on giving!

9. Some of Our Favorite Things

It’s a festive time, and we’re all about putting a little class and elegance into the day. Maybe your Loved One would enjoy doing the same. Here are a couple of our Favorite Things!

One more suggestions for those who like getting alot of value for their dollar!

Quell is a wearable pain relief technology, and is a favorite among chronic pain sufferers and athletes. It’s worth considering this great pain reliever for those in your life who suffer with daily pain!

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