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Pain Defeater Shop curates natural, non-narcotic pain relief and healthy life ideas for chronic pain and fibromyalgia sufferers, and the chronically ill.


Given the tragic loss of so many to pain med overdoses, and the degenerating side effects of prolonged pain med use, we think its time to empower people with details about alternatives to commonly prescribed pain meds.


Our hope is that Pain Defeater Shop’s information will give you the tools to become a smart healthcare shopper. We’ve got ideas and product information you can use as a conversation starter between you and your professional healthcare team. Look around our site.  Find the information that pertains to your situation or the situation of those whom you love.  Take it to your Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, and the rest. Discuss and assess it for use in your pain management protocol.


Our interests are Natural, Holistic, Complementary and Alternative health options.  You’ll find information here on nutritional supplementation, homeopathy, naturopathy, genetic testing, chiropractic, energy healing therapy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, meditation, relaxation therapies, and wearable pain relief devices. We post updated resources throughout the day. This allows us to pass along any new release and sale alerts to our customers.  Click Here to Start Your Journey To Better Health


Our sister site, Speak Truth to Pain, has loads of important health improvement information, and publishes a super pain relief news and ideas blog.  Click here to read the newest edition.  a man hand and sign
Dr. Bill Rawls, MD, has important information to share for Lyme and Fibro sufferers.  Anyone who deals with a chronic ailment can benefit from this book.

Low Dose Naltrexone is a pain management treatment available from many pain management Doctors.  There is lots of info about LDN on the website  LDN Research Trust that you can read and bring to your medical professionals for discussion.   Pain Defeater features this book for your review.  Click on the book image for more information.

Pain Defeater has a new page for the wonderful Hyperbiotic specialized probiotic line.  Strengthen your immune system and stay fit this holiday season!  Check out our Hyperbiotic probiotic page here!


Pain Defeater features blog articles on upcoming books and healthcare products.  The Magnesium Miracle review is the first in our series.  Click on the image for more information on this important book on the necessity for magnesium.


Dr. Dean's Magnesium Miracle August 2017


We are well aware of the distressing pain that cognitive decline exerts on individuals and their families.  Whether pain is physical, emotional, or mental, pain is pain.  So, here are some new releases that may aid folks in finding health suggestions and tools for those suffering from cognitive illnesses.

The End of Alzheimer's New Release Book

Pain Defeater and its sister-site, Speak Truth to Pain, have long favored Florence Scovil Shinn’s books.  Do yourself a favor, and spend a little time reading these life changing masterpieces.


 Florence Shinn
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